Why Black People Aren’t Voting

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So, if voting is so difficult, why should we do it?

While voting in today’s America may seem futile I encourage everybody I know to vote. If you don’t vote you know you won’t get the outcome you want but if you do at least there’s a chance. I like to think of it as if every revolutionary in the world thought “I am just one person what difference can I make?” then nothing what have ever got done. Voting is also a privilege that sadly not everybody who is affected by what happens in this county has. There are people who wish they could vote and if you have the privilege and are willing to exercise it, I encourage you to do so.

How can we help people who are facing voter suppression?

Spreading the word on other methods of voting. Many people only know one way of voting. Educate others on voting early or by mail so they do not have to wait in long lines or are unable to vote because of work and other obligations. Help anybody you can with the process of registering to vote if they do not know how to. Education is a powerful tool.

What if I am really unable to vote or it is completely inaccessible to me?

It is okay. I know it can seem like a lot of pressure with everybody constantly saying go vote but if you do not have the privilege, means, or just do not want to because you truly believe it is ineffective, then you do not have to. It is okay not to vote, however, if you had the privilege and means and decided not to, shut up when your community and county leaders do not look the way you want to.

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